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UV Printed Glass

UV printing uses ultraviolet light to cure inks directly onto the glass surface. This method is known for its precision and ability to produce detailed, high-resolution images. UV printing is ideal for intricate designs and can accommodate a wider range of colours and effects, including gradients and photographic images.

UV Printed Glass - Rainbow Smoke Print by Fused Glass Design

How is UV Printed Glass made?

The process of printing on glass begins with high-quality clear or low-iron glass, which serves as the canvas for the desired design. Using state-of-the-art digital printing technology, intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and intricate details can be reproduced with remarkable precision and clarity.

One of the key advantages of printed glass is its ability to transform ordinary surfaces into works of art. Whether it's a bold geometric pattern, a serene landscape, or a corporate logo, printed glass allows for endless creative possibilities, making it ideal for architectural features, interior partitions, signage, and decorative elements.

Moreover, printed glass offers practical benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal. The printed design is protected by a durable layer of ink or ceramic frit, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to scratches, fading, and moisture. Additionally, the smooth surface of the glass is easy to clean, making maintenance super easy.

In summary, printed glass combines artistic expression with functional utility, offering a versatile and visually captivating solution for enhancing interior spaces. Whether used in residential, commercial, or institutional settings, printed glass adds a touch of sophistication and style, turning ordinary surfaces into extraordinary works of art.

How do I purchase UV Printed Glass?

Each project at Fused Glass Design begins with a conversation. This is where we can learn about your project, your ideas and how we can help you.

For supply-only requests, simply specify the size and thickness of the glass needed, along with providing a high-quality photo. From there, we'll take care of the rest.

For custom orders, we'll schedule a templating appointment to measure your space accurately and create a CAD file. We'll collaborate with you to select the perfect photo or design for printing on your glass, provide proofs for approval, and coordinate the installation date.

What Options are there for UV Printed Glass?

Your design choices are virtually limitless.

You have three options when it comes to deciding what image you would like to be printed into your glass.​


1. We have a team of in-house designers that can communicate with you, create proofs and design something around your kitchen or bathroom, unique to you.

2. Websites like Shutterstock or Unsplash offer high-quality photos that we can use to print onto your glass. You can either provide us with a code from these sites or send us the high-quality photo you'd like printed.

3. You send us a photo that you've taken or love. We'll assess it for quality, send back a proof for your confirmation and if all is good, have that printed for you.

What can UV Printed Glass be used for?

The versatility of UV Printed Glass makes it suitable for a wide range of uses. Common applications include:

  • Wall Panelling: Ideal for office and home panelling to add a pop of colour to the room.

  • Splashbacks: Heat-resistant, easy to clean and a wide range of print options available.

  • Balustrades: Offering safety with a stylish twist for staircases and balconies.

  • Chopping Boards: Print a nice image to use every single day.

  • Wall Art: The perfect wall piece to display your treasured moments.

  • Feature Walls: Creating stunning visual focal points in any room.

  • Furniture: Used in table tops, cabinet doors, and other furniture elements to add a bespoke touch.

Our Expertise with UV Printed Glass

At Fused Glass Design, we are the experts in digitally printed glass projects with over 15 years of experience and a portfolio of hundreds of successful projects. We provide approved proofs to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the final product, and we use our expertise to select the appropriate glue to avoid any print failures. Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques to ensure that your print remains vibrant and colourful for years to come. Trust us to exceed your expectations every time!

UV vs Ceramic Printed Glass

When it comes to printing on glass, two popular techniques are ceramic printing and UV printing, each offering distinct advantages. Ceramic printing involves fusing ceramic inks into the glass surface through high-temperature firing, resulting in a highly durable and scratch-resistant finish that is perfect for both interior and exterior applications. The colours in ceramic printing are vivid and long-lasting, withstanding harsh environmental conditions without fading. On the other hand, UV printing uses ultraviolet light to cure inks directly onto the glass surface. This method is known for its precision and ability to produce detailed, high-resolution images. UV printing is ideal for intricate designs and can accommodate a wider range of colours and effects, including gradients and photographic images. We mainly use ceramic printing for larger projects.

Discover the Benefits of UV Printed Glass

Choosing UV Printed Glass from Fused Glass Design means investing in a product that combines aesthetic appeal with superior functionality. Our expertise in this innovative glass solution guarantees that you receive a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Enhance your space with the versatility of UV Printed Glass and experience the difference it can make in your home or business.

Our ceramic printed glass is available in thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 19mm and are toughened/tempered or laminated.

Images below.

If there are specific designs not in this range, we can manufacture custom glass to specific requirements, all we need is a reference image. Contact us at for more information.

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Ceramic vs UV

UV Printed Glass Gallery from Fused Glass Design



• 4mm to 19mm Toughened/Tempered Glass
• Maximum Panel Size: 4.3m x 2.8m 

• Non-Porous Material to Resist Staining
• Impact & Heat Resistant Up To 500°C
• Cut-Outs For Sockets, Switches & Cupboards
• Easy Cleaning with Any Chemical




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