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Stained Glass

Multicoloured Stained Glass by Fused Glass Design

What is Stained Glass?

Stained glass is made up of coloured and painted glass pieces which are bonded together using lead strips. This type of glass was extremely popular in Europe between the years 1150 and 1550, at which point cathedrals and churches were decorating their windows to create stunning religious visuals. It was also used in city halls and decorated homes for the wealthy. The translucent properties of the glass helped to propel its popularity during this time period as it allowed designers to 'play with light', as the light passed through the glass it would refract colours through the otherside.

What can you use Stained Glass for?

Today, stained glass is mainly used for church and home windows or as feature panels on doors. There are a wide variety of other glass options but stained glass still stands on it's own for the intricacies and designs you can achieve.

We recommend using stained glass for feature panels on walls, windows in and above the front doors or windows around your home. We can also accommodate for larger projects such as hotels and churches.

Made to Measure Services

We offer full service packages to make your process as stress free as possible. We'll send someone out to precisely measure your space, create proofs for you to approve and arrange a fitting date around your calendar. You don't have to lift a finger.

Stained glass cannot be toughened because to create each panel, the glass must be cut to certain sizes and shapes. To strengthen we can use reinforced lead when binding or we can accommodate for today's housing standards and fit stained glass panels within double glazed units providing, security, heat insulation and easy cleaning for your home.

View the Stained Glass Process

View our Stained Glass Gallery

Fused Glass Design works with some of the best and most experienced brands throughout the Stained Glass Industry. If you have a stained glass project, we guarantee we can help.

If there are specific designs not in this range, we can manufacture custom glass to specific requirements, all we need is a reference image. Contact us at for more information.


• 4-5mm Handmade Glass

• Non-Porous Material to Resist Staining

• Bespoke Designs created from images
• Bespoke Cuts for Doors and Windows
• Easy Cleaning with Any Chemical


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