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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fused glass?

By definition, fusing is the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity. In the instance of our premium glass products and art, we use coloured glass powder to carefully recreate a design between 2 or 3 sheets of glass, each only 4mm thick. The glass is then heated to 820ºC locking those colours in and creating the 3D textures and designs you see in each of our products.

What can fused glass be used for?

There are a multitude of applications for fused glass from bowls to sliding doors to splashbacks behind a hob, the possibilities are almost limitless. We specialise in “functional art” which include internal frameless doors, wall art, splashbacks and worktops but if you had something particular in mind we could manage that project for you.

How do you clean fused glass?

Fused glass is non-porous meaning any spills or splashes will never stain allowing you to use any glass cleaner to leave it shining once again. We do not recommend washing up liquid as this can leave a soapy residue.

Do you offer templating and installation services?

We offer a full template service no matter the size of the project. Our templates are measured using a laser and then drawn up as a CAD to ensure your glass fits perfectly. This service starts at £150 and includes a full design consultation. This price may also vary depending on location.

Are all Fused Glass Design products handmade?

Yes. During the production process your design is hand-carved into a mould. Once the glass has taken the shape, texture and colour, the mould is then destroyed to free the glass meaning there will never be two of the same pieces. Every aspect of your glass can be changed according to your needs: drill holes; cutouts; shaping etc. If you can think of it, we can create it.

Is fused glass safe for homes and businesses?

Our fused glass products are toughened giving each one new properties such as heat resistance up to 500oC and five times as much strength as regular glass (if you struggle to break a stone worktop, you won’t find glass any easier). Our toughened glass also conforms to European Safety Standard EN121150 so you know you’re in safe hands.

What is the average turnaround for fused glass?

A project can be turned around in 4-6 weeks but there are a lot of variables at play when manufacturing bespoke glass products that a certain time can never be guaranteed. These factors include but are not limited to: templating service time, design process, customer feedback and approval, glass production and installation availabilities.

Can I commission a project with Fused Glass Design?

Yes. We've yet to see a project we cannot handle, get in touch on our contact page with more information about your commission as well as some images to help us build your requirements.

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