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Bespoke Cast Glass UK

Kiln formed glass (also known as cast glass, fused glass or decorative art glass) provides an exciting new range of possibilities rarely seen in homes and businesses around the UK. Heated to 820ºC, float glass becomes red-hot and is melted into our hand-carved moulds. This technique allows us to create fluid textures and intricate patterns within each piece of glass. Whether opting for our bespoke or choosing from an example below, kiln formed glass exudes a distinctive beauty, subtle charm and tactile quality that you won't find elsewhere.

This remarkably versatile medium can be used in both decorative and structural contexts as the product is suitable for interior and exterior uses. For example: the most common applications for kiln formed glass are feature walls, facades, cladding, office reception areas, reception desks, counters, office partitions, bathroom partitions, restaurant screens,  lift lobbies, lift interiors, balustrades, sculptures, lighting and bespoke commissions.

Here at Fused Glass Design we offer all of the above but specialise in Splashbacks and Worktops (or Back Splashes and Countertops for our American audience), Doors, Wall Art and Balustrades.

For those that would like to make their glass especially unique, we can also provide a variety of surface finishes including sandblasting, etching, transparent or opaque and even mirror. For the back of the glass we love the metallic colours which almost transform depending on the time of day.

Our kiln formed glass is available in thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 15mm and depending on your client requirements can be toughened/tempered or laminated post kiln.

Below we have a small set of examples that can be achieved in fused glass.

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