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The state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.

"Serenity" - Aptly named by the talented artist behind the design.

Our client was looking for an art piece to replace a clear window that would be installed between her living room and front door hallway. They were looking for a calming design to come home to everyday, so they sought the creativity of their Granddaughter.

She took the time to capture exactly what her family were looking for. Her design was sent to us and the team at Fused Glass Design got to work.

We transformed her design into an 8mm fused glass window piece, bridging the gap between entrance and living area.


This project turned out great and looks beautiful throughout the day. Lit up at the top and bottom edges, even at night you can see the sun over the horizon.

Scroll down to see the original design.

Serenity - Backlit Fused Glass Wall Art by Fused Glass Design |
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