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Symbolising the Endless Flow of Time

Introducing "Meandros," a project inspired by the timeless symbolism of the Greek meander, representing eternity and infinity. This captivating creation draws upon the intricate beauty of the Greek spiral, infusing spaces with a sense of continuity and grace.

Crafted from clear 8mm toughened and textured glass, "Meandros" offers both safety and privacy while embodying the essence of Greek architecture. The iconic Greek meander adds a touch of history and symbolism to this space.

As our clients seek to elevate their surroundings with the charm of Greek aesthetics, "Meandros" becomes more than just a design element—it becomes a statement of eternal beauty and refinement. With each spiral representing the endless cycle of life and eternity, "Meandros" infuses spaces with a sense of timelessness and grace.

Meandros - Fused Glass Matching Shower Doors and Cupboard Doors
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