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Kiln Formed Glass for Interior Designers and Architects.

Are you looking for bespoke, kiln formed glass for Interiors Designers and Architects? Welcome to Fused Glass Design. We specialise in textured kiln formed glass for the residential and commercial markets. Our glass has a variety of applications for use including kitchen splashbacks, worktops, art pieces, doors and more. With 15 years in the glass industry, you can rest easy knowing that your project is being handled by the best.

Kiln formed glass in the UK

At Fused Glass Design we pride ourselves on offering our clients the largest kiln available to the UK market allowing us to manufacture pieces at 3.2m x 2.5m. Combine this with our history in perfecting glass for interior design means we can create murals and large wall pieces that perfectly align in design and size.

Onde: Kiln Formed Fused Glass Worktops by Fused Glass Design |

Kiln formed glass for Interiors and Interior Designers

Our glass has a variety of uses. We specialise in using our glass for interior design on pieces such as splashbacks, worktops, doors, art and more. All pieces are handmade, from the carving of the mould to the colouring of the glass - we take the time to produce something truly unique. We've also used our glass to create room partitions, lighting chandeliers, bathroom shower glass and much more.

Celeste: Kiln Formed Fused Glass Splashback and Door by Fused Glass Design |

Kiln formed glass for Architects

With our kiln we can produce pieces as large as 3.2m x 2.5m allowing us to produce stunning artwork for the commercial markets. Our glass is toughened/tempered and can withstand bashes, scratches, the weather and heat. This makes our glass perfect for use in architectural projects for interiors or exteriors. If you are looking for kiln formed glass to use in an architectural setting, Fused Glass Design can help.

Hyatt Glass: Kiln Formed Fused Glass Shower Enclosures by Fused Glass Design |

Expert design and templating services

With over 15 years experience measuring and installing glass in homes and businesses, you can trust that we get the job perfect each and every time. From simple rectangle splashbacks to complex arcs and precision art pieces, Fused Glass Design will accurately measure and fit your glass pieces for you.


Have a project you would like to discuss?

We are open for design consultations and templating services. If you have a project you would like to discuss with us, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can visit our contact page here or call us on 0800 043 3034. You can also get in touch via email at

Textured Kiln Formed Glass by Fused Glass Design |
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