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Cast Glass for Interior Designers and Architects.

Are you looking for bespoke, cast glass for Interiors Designers and Architects? At Fused Glass Design we specialise in textured cast glass for the residential and commercial markets. You can use our glass for interior design and architectural purposes, including kitchen splashbacks, worktops, doors and art pieces. With over 15 years in the glass industry, we can guarantee that your glass will fit perfectly every time.

What is Cast Glass?

Glass casting dates as far back in history as the Egyptian period, it is a technique whereby molten glass is poured directly onto a mould, forcing the glass to take the mould's shape. In architectural glass, this process is rarely used as there are more efficient ways to obtain the finished product. Cast glass is often confused for slumped glass in which a sheet of float glass is heated to over 800ºC in a kiln and melts over a mould to take the shape.

Kiln Fired Glass, Cast Glass by Fused Glass Design |

Cast Glass glass in the UK

Here at Fused Glass Design we can produce pieces up to 3.2m x 2.5m, utilising the largest kiln in the UK, ensuring you get exactly the design you are looking for with minimal joins throughout. We love designing and producing pieces for all purposes, from worktops to prepare food to soft-close sliding doors to provide privacy between rooms, we can create it all.

Textured Cast Glass by Fused Glass Design |

Cast glass for Interiors and Interior Designers

For interior designers we can offer a design/template service and work with you to create something extraordinary for your client. Work that we guarantee no client will have seen before. We can utilise our glass for room partitions, shower enclosures, splashbacks and more.

Celeste: Kiln Formed Fused Glass Splashback and Door by Fused Glass Design |

Cast Glass for Architects

At Fused Glass Design, we are able to produce pieces as large as 3.2m x 2.5m allowing us to create artwork and pieces for the commercial markets. We can toughen/temper and laminate which makes our glass great for use in architectural projects. We can utilise our glass for outdoor murals, sculptures, grand entrances and more.

Hyatt Glass: Kiln Formed Fused Glass Shower Enclosures by Fused Glass Design |

Our Expert Design and Template Service

We have over 15 years in experience within the glass industry. We can create and design complex work and have the contacts to ensure your projects are completed to perfection each time.

Onde: Fused Glass Worktops by Fused Glass Design |

Have a project you would like to discuss?

We are open for design consultations and templating services. If you have a project you would like to discuss with us, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can visit our contact page here or call us on 0800 043 3034. You can also get in touch via email at

Reeded Textured Glass by Fused Glass Design |
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