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Japanese; Flowering Cherry Blossom.

“Sakura” translates from Japanese to mean Flowering Cherry Blossoms, capturing the essence of springtime renewal and tranquility. This bespoke fused glass sliding door and window were installed in our client’s bathroom, transforming the space into a serene sanctuary inspired by Japan.


Installed on the first day of spring, just as the blossoms begin to adorn the trees, “Sakura” brings the ethereal beauty of these delicate flowers indoors and though the flowers are fleeting, they now have a cherry blossom they can cherish forever.


The 'Sakura' design isn't just about practicality; it's a fusion of function and beauty. With a sliding door and window offering the privacy our clients desired, it's also a captivating work of art they've fallen in love with. These glass pieces are never just decorations—they're integral parts of their daily lives, bringing joy and admiration every time they're seen and used, they are a true expression of their personalities.


To see the review these great clients left for us, click here.

Japanese Cherry Blossom inspired fused glass artwork, door and window by Fused Glass Design |
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