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La Maddalena, Sardinia

Imagine your kitchen as a Mediterranean paradise, where the beauty of La Maddalena, Sardinia, finds its way into your daily life. These fused glass worktops take their name and inspiration from the azure waters and golden beaches of Sardinia's enchanting locale, inviting you to experience a slice of coastal elegance every day.

Hints of white gracefully meander throughout, like the frothy sea foam adorning the shoreline. Rather than gentle swirls, "Maddalena" boasts a dynamic, wavy pattern, capturing the vitality of the sea. Each day, as you cook and create, this design transports you to sandy shores, where the ocean meets golden sands, all from the heart of your kitchen.

Both pieces crafted from substantial 15mm thick glass, these worktops rival the strength of marble. With it's heat-resistant and stain-resistant properties you can cook safe and sound knowing that in 5 years your fused glass worktop will look just as new as the day we fitted it.

Maddalena: Fused Glass Worktops by Fused Glass Design |
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