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Inspired by the unknown.

A favourite at Fused Glass Design, Celeste is named so because it invokes thoughts of other worlds.

A matching fused glass door and kitchen splashback - Celeste draws inspiration from a few places:

1. Our client's home, the green and copper colours are chosen to directly compliment the surrounding cupboards and accent metals in the kitchen, even going as far as to implement the flooring design into the door

2. Lightning strikes - the metallic copper cuts through the glass like lightning through water

3. Space - the textures are comparable to craters on another planet, combined with the tactile nature of the product, this is something you won't see in another home.

These inspirations harmoniously fuse together to create "Celeste". A true stand out in our portfolio.

An abstract design like this can never be recreated exactly and will forever be the only one like it, as unique as the stars above.

See below for more photos and videos of this project.

Celeste: Fused Glass Door and Splashback by Fused Glass Design |
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