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Over the moon

Meet Altalune—a name that means "Over the moon" in Latin. This glass worktop takes you on a cosmic journey by combining its metallic monotonous colours and tactile surface.

The design of Altalune is like a slice of the night sky. Deep cosmic blacks mixing it up with radiant whites, creating a dance that feels like staring into the endless universe. The worktop also has hints of metallic, adding a cosmic sparkle that's reminiscent of stars in the night.

This design isn't static. It plays with light. As the sun moves across the sky, it paints different patterns and shadows on the glass, similar to the changing phases of the moon. Altalune isn't just art; it's a journey into the cosmos, where you can feel like you're going "over the moon" without leaving your home.

Altalune: Fused Glass Worktop by Fused Glass Design |
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